The Power of On-Line Intelligent Sensors


Traditional pH sensor management in a production process is costly and labor intensive — often the sensor only accounts for 20 percent of total operational costs.

In addition to purchasing the necessary at-line transmitters during start-up, you also have to budget time for technicians to calibrate each sensor on the production line, both before and after a run.

Periodically, a technician will be at the line for calibration before realizing the sensor is no longer functioning. This requires them to go to the trouble of grabbing a new sensor from storage and starting the calibration and installation process again.

Traditional pH measurement also assumes that technicians keep detailed records of the operational life of each sensor and that they employ that data as part of their maintenance and inventory activities. Without those records, the history of the sensor is unknown.

Arc Intelligent Sensors Offer a Better Way

Using an integrated transmitter, Hamilton’s Arc intelligent pH sensors open a wide range of operational process improvements and cost reduction:


Start-up savings: With an integrated transmitter, Arc intelligent sensors can be connected directly to a PCS. No longer will you have to budget for additional at-line transmitters.

Maintenance savings: Armed with a wealth of diagnostic information and at-a-glance status indicators, intelligent sensors remove much of the guesswork and trial and error of maintaining pH sensors.

Documentation savings: While traditional sensors rely on human transcription, Arc intelligent sensors keep an automated record of their operational history. Technicians can generate automated GMP-compatible reports with a few clicks.

Calibration savings: Because they aren’t reliant on at-line transmitters, Arc intelligent sensors can be calibrated together and more efficiently in a controlled lab setting, reducing variability in temperature and other factors that complicate at-line calibration.

See the Cost-Savings for Yourself

Download the Intelligent Sensors Cost-Savings Data Sheet and see the benefits of the Arc pH Intelligent Sensors for yourself.

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